FMP: The Road final poster print

The final poster to print was the poster for the road. I started with taking my background image as a bitmap and printing it in gray with black parts trying to get some kind of gradients in there. Continue reading FMP: The Road final poster print


FMP: Day of the Triffids Screen printing and final poster

I printed off the two layers of my poster and had them put onto my screen for printing. This one was less difficult to achieve than the 1984 posters as this was a simple screen print job to accomplish. Continue reading FMP: Day of the Triffids Screen printing and final poster

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival – Visit

Today we went to the Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at Somerset house where we saw alot of work from various artists and designers, we even got to enjoy a workshop and got something to take home.

Continue reading Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival – Visit

Collect, analyse & reassemble

For our latest assignment our task was to create a collection or use an existing one to then be made into a book at the start we were encouraged to research into artists books, artists collections and systems. Here is a run through of my process and how my book came about. Continue reading Collect, analyse & reassemble

Drawing – Workshop 1

Today we had our final rotation and it was my groups turn to take on the drawing workshop with Orly, we started out the day by looking through our two part brief to see what tasks would be asked of us today. Continue reading Drawing – Workshop 1

Screen Printing – Mixing colours

Yesterday I wanted to make a screen print of a pattern I made on photoshop so I decided it would be a good chance to try mixing colours I think this turned out quite well I got the colour I wanted and I can also come back to it at another time if I want to use it again.

Here is a picture showing the colours I used and how it looked when it was printed.

colour mixing

Screen Printing – Finishing work

Here is one of my now finished screen prints that I was unable to complete in the original workshop.

I am very happy with how this turned out and I am planning to make some more like this with different shapes and patterns to see what effects I can ahieve

red background black portrait foreground

Screen Printing 2

We had a screen printing workshop this week for our final rotation during this we learned about how to make stencils with light sensitive emulsion and how we can make images appear tonal by printing images with a bitmap through Photoshop doing this makes the image up from small dots and creates the appearance of tone through the dots being spaced apart different distances. Continue reading Screen Printing 2

Screen Printing

Today we had our first class in screen printing I found this class to be a little interesting to learn how to use certain machines and how to make precise stencils using a method of exposing chemicals layed onto the screen to UV light whilst being blocked by a black and white printed image I think this would be a good method of making posters if you want flat colours and a good way to convey tone using shapes or dots rather than a gradient. Continue reading Screen Printing