FMP: 1984 Screen Print and poster finishing

Now that I had chosen to work with the schmalfette font I began creating my screen printed poster. I bought 10 sheets of cartiridge paper at 150 gsm and got my screen ready for printing. To try and capture a more dystopian feel to the type I basically used a power hose to clean the emultion from the screen and made sure to try and blast extra bits off around the letters and then I added some extra emultion to randomly block certain parts. Continue reading FMP: 1984 Screen Print and poster finishing


Mark making 1

Today we had a workshop in mark making with Orly Orbach to start off the workshop she had us go into the corridor and pair up for a three legged race we then went back to the studio to draw how we perceived the race this could be to do with what we saw, how we felt or the sensations we might have felt this was quite interesting because it made me think about how I was going to draw in a different way and I tried to illustrate how I felt instead of what I saw. Continue reading Mark making 1