FMP: 1984 Screen Print and poster finishing

Now that I had chosen to work with the schmalfette font I began creating my screen printed poster. I bought 10 sheets of cartiridge paper at 150 gsm and got my screen ready for printing. To try and capture a more dystopian feel to the type I basically used a power hose to clean the emultion from the screen and made sure to try and blast extra bits off around the letters and then I added some extra emultion to randomly block certain parts. Continue reading FMP: 1984 Screen Print and poster finishing


FMP: 1984 Glow in the dark research

Since I thought to do a poster that glows in the dark I decided to look into how other artists manage to do this to find out what materials and methods they use to create glow in the dark posters. Continue reading FMP: 1984 Glow in the dark research

FMP: 1984 Initial Ideas

I decided to start generating some ideas for my 1984 poster and wanted to try and work with some of themes from the book in the same way as I had with the others. What I liked most about the book was that it connected so much to real world issues from when it was written and censorship is a major aspect of the book that I wanted to try and use in my poster Continue reading FMP: 1984 Initial Ideas