Design competition: Project 2 Work Placement, New idea

I had been thinking about different ways to take the cover and what I wanted to convey in it and I thought about how the Russian Revolution had fascinated me and I decided to try and convey the rebellion aspects of the book through the cover. This was when I went back to my research to look at a different method of conveying this message and thought to try and emulate the style of Lissitzkys Red Wedge and use basic forms as a method of depicting this rebellion in the book. Continue reading Design competition: Project 2 Work Placement, New idea


Screen Printing – Finishing work

Here is one of my now finished screen prints that I was unable to complete in the original workshop.

I am very happy with how this turned out and I am planning to make some more like this with different shapes and patterns to see what effects I can ahieve

red background black portrait foreground