Utterly Moving Words

Our final project for this year was the Utterly Moving words project for this assignment out goal was to create a 20second long video of moving words that that had to include sound that we recorded ourselves. Continue reading Utterly Moving Words


Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival – Visit

Today we went to the Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at Somerset house where we saw alot of work from various artists and designers, we even got to enjoy a workshop and got something to take home.

Continue reading Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival – Visit

Collect, analyse & reassemble

For our latest assignment our task was to create a collection or use an existing one to then be made into a book at the start we were encouraged to research into artists books, artists collections and systems. Here is a run through of my process and how my book came about. Continue reading Collect, analyse & reassemble

The Soundtrack of our Lives – Don’t Think Twice

My final poster for The Soundtrack of our Lives is based off the song Don’t Think Twice by Bob Dylan and it made me think alot about moving on from things that have held me up in the past and I think that is the intended message of the song so I wanted to think of how I could convey that message in my poster Continue reading The Soundtrack of our Lives – Don’t Think Twice

The Soundtrack of our Lives – Once in a Lifetime

The second poster that I made was based off of the song Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads I wanted to use this song because when I listened to it I started to think alot about being back home and about the good memories I have from being with friends. Continue reading The Soundtrack of our Lives – Once in a Lifetime

100 Briefs in 1 Day

Last week we had a mini assignment for the day to help us with our creative thinking process this exercise was to complete 100 mini briefs in 1 day using whatever methods we saw fit. I had alot of fun doing this and some of the ideas others in the class had came up with were impressively creative and funny and I think this definitely help me to think of ideas for my work faster and easier.  Continue reading 100 Briefs in 1 Day

Drawing – Workshop 1

Today we had our final rotation and it was my groups turn to take on the drawing workshop with Orly, we started out the day by looking through our two part brief to see what tasks would be asked of us today. Continue reading Drawing – Workshop 1

Pecha Kucha Presentation

On the 18th we presented our pecha kucha to the 2nd and 3rd year classes I thought it was a bit difficult to do this because of how we had to keep in time with the slide show when doing our presentation. it was also a good way to see how much information we could get to the audience in that time I think at some points we were able to get the right amount of information out so that the audience would feel informed but not bombarded with facts but at other times I think I could have done a better job of timing what we were going to say with the slides so that we wouldn’t be tripping over each other. Continue reading Pecha Kucha Presentation

CCS – Modernist Architecture

Recently in our seminar groups we walked around around Hampstead to see some examples of modernist architecture and we discussed what we thought about them fitted into to modernism and what we thought about them was different from what we already knew about modernism. Continue reading CCS – Modernist Architecture