Hot House Talks: Russell Weekes

Today we went to one of the CASS Hot House Talks during our lunch hour. We got a chance to hear Russell Weekes talk about some of his work and his experiences whilst working in the industry. Continue reading Hot House Talks: Russell Weekes


Hot House Talk: Abram Games

Today during our lunch break The CASS school of design hosted one of its renowned Hot House Talks. Today’s talk was given by Naomi Games daughter of Abram Games. In her talk she explained firstly who Abram was and how he became a poster designer she gave a funny anecdote about how Abrams told his headmaster “I want to be the best poster maker in Britain” and that his headmasters response was “you cant even draw” after that she told us about his technique of drawing and using stencils with an airbrush to create shading and gradients instead of using multiple colours due to how it was more expensive to print the more colours you used. Continue reading Hot House Talk: Abram Games

The memory of noise

Yesterday we had a talk from Mathew relating to the work we are currently doing for “The Sound Track Of Our Lives” the first thing that we did was sit and listen to “a song under the floorboards” by a post punk band called magazine from 1980 Continue reading The memory of noise

Hot house talk -Cecilie Barstad

After our Pecha Kucha presentation a hot house talk was given afterwards by Cecilie Barstad from the studio Gilles & Cecilie. The first thing she talked about was business planning and wanted to talk to us about the different things to think about when running a company of your own. Continue reading Hot house talk -Cecilie Barstad