Critical Design Thinking 4 – Other Ideas

Whilst taking down my initial ideas for my critical design thinking zine I had some other ideas that I wanted to play with one of them based around the design pillar of metaphysics.

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Critical Design Thinking 3 – further development

For some time now I have been working on my zine and cover for the critical design thinking brief. I wanted to show some of the process towards how I came to my completed design. Continue reading Critical Design Thinking 3 – further development

Drawing – Workshop 1

Today we had our final rotation and it was my groups turn to take on the drawing workshop with Orly, we started out the day by looking through our two part brief to see what tasks would be asked of us today. Continue reading Drawing – Workshop 1

Pecha Kucha Presentation

On the 18th we presented our pecha kucha to the 2nd and 3rd year classes I thought it was a bit difficult to do this because of how we had to keep in time with the slide show when doing our presentation. it was also a good way to see how much information we could get to the audience in that time I think at some points we were able to get the right amount of information out so that the audience would feel informed but not bombarded with facts but at other times I think I could have done a better job of timing what we were going to say with the slides so that we wouldn’t be tripping over each other. Continue reading Pecha Kucha Presentation

Animation 3

Today I wanted to look at making another stop motion animation using different materials so this time I decided to use coloured paper that I cut out into shapes instead of objects I also asked Kieran to look at my first animation and he told me one of the problems with it was that the camera I used had not been stable enough and moved around to much so this time I used a cardboard box with a whole cut into it to hold the camera in the same position. Continue reading Animation 3