CCS – Modernist Architecture

Recently in our seminar groups we walked around around Hampstead to see some examples of modernist architecture and we discussed what we thought about them fitted into to modernism and what we thought about them was different from what we already knew about modernism. Continue reading CCS – Modernist Architecture


V&A Visit 4

On the 13th of October as a class we went on a visit to the V&A Museum to take notes and pictures to help is write our exhibition critique for our CCS module.

Whilst here I had to look at rooms cotaining pieces from 1850-1945 the rooms I was most interested in where the ones that focused on items from The Great Exhibition of 1851 and a room on Gothic revival because of how they could relate back to what we had already learned from our CCS class i was also quite interested in writing about a sculpture that was a gift the Queen Victoria for her Golden Jubilee and I think it was interesting to try and think about why they had set out the pieces in the way they did and the message the curators may have been trying to convey to their audience.

Critical and Contextual Studies

On the 6th of October we learned about the importance of history in design whilst talking about this we learned about how the V&A Museum grew from The Great Exhibition in 1851 this was held to show the people of Britain manufactured products that could be mass produced. The exhibition was organised by Henry Cole and Prince Albert, whilst we talked about the exhibition and what was going on during the time it was erected it seemed to me that the reason behind it was that the imperialists that ruled the country at this time wanted to put on a show in a way to distract the common people from the apparent rebellions occuring around Europe. Continue reading Critical and Contextual Studies

V&A Visit 3

Here are some pictures from outside the V&A one of them is of the arch above the entrance and the other is towards the top of the building looking straight up I think the second one gives a good impression of how tall the building is and the first shows how intricate and symmetrical the sculptures are.

IMG_2520 IMG_2523

V&A Visit 2

Here are some pictures from “the gold room” I took pictures of the top of the door frame as you enter the room and the ceiling design because these are the things I found most interesting I liked most of all the contrast between the golden sculptures and the white of the walls I also liked how the designs had incorporated faces into them and how especially with the door frame they had an art┬ánouveau style that made the designs seem very natural and organic as if they had grown out of the walls.

IMG_2525 IMG_2526

V&A Visit

Today I took a trip to the V&A museum hoping to get some notes and capture some pictures to get a head start on writing my essay for Critical and Contextual studies unfortunately I was unable to attend any of the exhibitions but i still got to see some very interesting items around the museum such as ceramics interior design and the architecture of the building itself. One of the things I was most interested in was the ceramics section where I saw some great blue and white pieces. I also stumbled onto a section that I took to calling “the gold room” that contained some great mirror and door frames and an interesting design on the ceiling. I also found a room containing pieces from 1900’s till 2000 where I got a look at some interesting badges depicting anti soviet designs based around polish solidarity. Continue reading V&A Visit