FMP: The Road video attempt 2/ Final Gif creation

I thought about what had gone wrong in the last video and also thought about different ways that I could after effects to create a well edited gif. I thought that instead of putting ash onto the actual poster instead I would make some videos of dropping ash onto a blank piece of paper.

I took a hand full of videos using a digital camera and a tripod to film myself dropping ashes onto a blank sheet of paper. I did this on the stairwell of the uni instead of in the tiny photography studio and the extra space made it a lot easier and I wasn’t suffocated by ash debree in the tiny room this time.

These videos came out very well and I captured another video of me tipping the ash from the paper back into the container so that I would have a variety to work with.

Once I had finished recording the footage I took the videos into After Effects and I used the Shift channels and Levels effects to make them into black and white shapes. I them used the Luma Matte setting and my poster as a background so that the video would act as a mask in a way to reveal the poster behind it as if appearing in ash. I feel like the video doesn’t exactly look like ash on paper but almost like the shape of ash in wind and flame as well and I’m not disappointed by this because I think this still reflects the atmosphere described in the book and suits the aesthetic of the poster as well.

I had to use After effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop to create this gif. It turned out to be the most difficult of the 3 posters to work with.

Here is the final gif hope you enjoy.




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