FMP: Moving Poster Gifs

To add more to the outcome of my fmp I wanted to investigate making gifs/ moving posters to go with the posters I have made.

I started by making gifs for The Day of the Triffids posters as I had taken some video footage of my experiments in time lapse of the bleach sinking through the paper so I used this to create some moving backgrounds and I ended up with 3 gifs that have an almost VHS like motion to them and remind me a lot of the Goosebumps TV series from the 90’s.

I made the 3 gifs using the timelapse footage and editing the colours with photoshop oin the motion workspace. I then used after effects to duplicate and reverse the footage so that the gif would flow smoothly and appear to pulsate.



After making these three gifs I started making one for 1984 using the two sides of my poster design. I wanted to try and emulate how I imagined a telescreen might look from the book and the gif is supposed to look as if it is broadcasting the message Peace, Freedom, Strength and is being hacked into and glitching to and from the message War, Slavery, Ignorance as if to say this is what the government body of the book actually mean by these phrases.



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