FMP: The Road Ash tests and development

For my poster of The Road I wanted to look at someway of using actual ash to create the poster. I started by gathering some ash from a bbq and applying it to paper using spray mount and water to see how it would react.

I started by simply spraying the adhesive onto a sheet of paper and sprinkling ash onto it.

ash tests 3.jpg

After tdoing this I mixed some of the ashes with water and spread them out. I then placed a sheet of paper on top of them to create a print. This worked out very well and gave a very eroded look almost like damaged concrete.

ash tests 4.jpg

finally I tried creating a stencil and using spray mount to have the ash stick in place to create letter forms. It worked quite well but I didn’t feel like they had to same appeal as the letter press work I had done so I decided not to use them.

ash tests 2.jpg

I then took my ash tests and scanned them into photoshop I converted them to grayscale and overlapped them to create this new background for my posters.

new ash background

I was very happy with the background and made some mock ups of how it would look with the letter press text on it. I was very pleased with how they looked and was adviced to create a bitmap version of my background to screen print.

new ash background with text 3.jpg


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