FMP: Day of the Triffids poster development

After finally getting the letter forms and quote to look the way I wanted I continued using the images of carnivorous plants to try creating different backgrounds for my poster.

triffids poster pattern 1

I created this background first using silhouettes from the patterns in a cobra lilly and the silhouette of a sundew but I didn’t feel like the text would sit well with this image and needed to try making background while refering to the text to make sure.

quote 1 poster dev 3 overlay.jpg

I made this background next trying to fit the images around the words but this didn’t look very good and I thought maybe it was the colour that could be changed so I had a looked at changing the text colour and having it on a background similar to the previous style.

quote 1 poster dev 2 hard mix.jpg

I actually think this version looked better but it still seemed like and incomplete poster so I tried creating a background that filled the whole page with different plant forms.

quote 1 poster dev 4 background.jpg

This version was quite exciting to look at but it didn’t really bring across the idea of an apocalypse poster it felt more like something that would be put up in a garden centre for carnivorous plants.

new ash background with text 4 (1)

I ended up extracting certain parts from the cobra lilly patterns to create this background that reminds me a lot more of disolving and I darkened to colours to give it more of and apocalyptic feel. The only problem really is that since I am screen printing the posters there is no guarantee that the colour will come out this way.


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