FMP: 1984 Screen Print and poster finishing

Now that I had chosen to work with the schmalfette font I began creating my screen printed poster. I bought 10 sheets of cartiridge paper at 150 gsm and got my screen ready for printing. To try and capture a more dystopian feel to the type I basically used a power hose to clean the emultion from the screen and made sure to try and blast extra bits off around the letters and then I added some extra emultion to randomly block certain parts.

screen emulsion

The image screen printed very nicely and I think it had a very dystopian vibe almost like a propaganda poster might look in a dystopian future.


I then began making a stencil for the glow in the dark side of my poster I simply printed off the words War, Slavery and Ignorance in the same font with the idea that I would be able to use my glow in the dark sand to fill the stencil.


I started to use the glow in the dark sand mixed with acrylic varnish but this didn’t work as well as I thought it would and I ended up running out of material to use after only two posters.


As you can see the sand did glow and stick to the page but it is very patchy and hard to read it almost looks like its just spread on the page. I decided to order some regular glow in the dark paint intsead of using the powder method I also bought the green paint rather than the white as this is supposed to be the brightest and lasts longest of all the colours.

I found the paint worked very well but had the same issue with readability so I stopped trying to fill the stencil and simply had thick lines of the paint making the words and this worked a lot better than before.


I managed to get 3 posters finished in this method I still have another 3 to paint and 4 have been wasted due to the painting failing and I’m worried that I may not be able to finish the posters I have left as I am running out of paint already. (£35 for 120ml including shipping would advice if anyone else wants to do something like this be aware it’s gonna cost you a fair bit)


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