FMP: Day of the Triffids Editing Bleach Letters

I now had all of my bleach letter forms photographed so I used the pictures in photoshop to make them into silhouette forms and then accumulated them into the quote “When I die don’t bury me at all just pickle my bones in alcohol”

bleach alphabet inverted
Bleach Letters Alphabet


Quote dev 1.jpg
Bleach Quote

I had a look at what I made and I wasn’t very happy with the outcome and felt like it needed to be further distorted to give the right kind of appeal of the liquid aspect of the dissolving process. I decided to print the quote out and scan it with a photocopier whilst moving it around as this had given me good distorted results with letters before in the same way as Sofia Clausse in here Chicago Zine.

Sofia Clausse Chicago Zine

scan test samples.jpg
Scan experiments

The scanned versions of the quote came out very distorted and since I had done a fair number of tests I was able to pick and choose what I liked from the different samples and I was able to build up a final idea of how I wanted to the quote to look.

re worked quote

I was much happier with this outcome than the original letter forms and I think this really exaggerated the liquid feel to them and dissolving theme.


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