FMP: 1984 Poster development

Now I knew I wanted to create a glow in the dark poster so I decided to work with the quote “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” I wanted the poster to simply show the words peace freedom and strength as the original image and then the glow in the dark text would read War Slavery Ignorance.

I began my making a simple sketch of how the two sides could look and then began experimenting with different fonts to see what I liked most for this poster.

sketch book 1.jpg
Initial Sketches

coda heavy.jpg franklin gothic.jpg

Coda Heavy (Left) and Franklin Gothic (Right): I looked at these two at first because they are both very bold fonts that I had used in previous projects and I knew for a dystopian poster style I would need to use something like this.

letter press scmalfette-akira

Letter Press (left) Schmalfette (right): I wanted to take a look at my letter press alphabet but decided against it as I had already used this for previous posters and felt this didn’t embody the idea of future or dystopy but more of erosion and apocalypse. I first saw the type schalfette from the poster for Akira a Japanese dystopian film and I think this one embodied the themes of the poster a lot more. I also found that these kinds of typefaces are very similar to those found on street signs like this one on Goulston Street outside the university and since surveillance is another of the books major themes then why not go for this?




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