FMP: 1984 Glow in the dark research

Since I thought to do a poster that glows in the dark I decided to look into how other artists manage to do this to find out what materials and methods they use to create glow in the dark posters.

I remembered an illustrator and artist I follow on instragram call Dino Tomic from Norway. He makes a lot of very impressive pieces and among them he has a variety of glow in the dark posters.


Dino Tomic Rick and Morty Poster

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My glow in the dark art 🙂 Here is just a quick video on how the art works :)light on light of its that simple 🙂 the fight Club one is sold but I still have the other two available if anyone is interested 🙂 thank you all for all the interest in my work I answer about 1% of the mails I get and after I sell the particular image I don't even open the mails 🙂 reason is that my mailbox is maxed out 24/7 I get more mails than I have time to answer – even if I would make it my full time job to answer mails I could not keep up 🙂 sorry if you are the one that never heard back from me I hope you understand why 🙂 I also make only 1 of each of my work I never redo them for extra profit. I don't want my art to become an assembly line – I want it to be unique each time – I don't do this becouse of money I do it becouse I love what I do 🙂

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Dino Tomic Fight Club poster

I found out that Dino uses a glow in the dark powder mixed with an acrylic varnish or gloss of some sort so I decided to try this method myself. I went to to purchase some glowing sand an awaited its arrival.


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