FMP: Book Cover Series research

After meeting the designers at We Made This I began looking at different book cover designs as a series starting with David Pearson’s McCarthy series.

I found David Pearson’s work very interesting and the method of using rubber stamps to create these prints and textures. The Road cover for me was the most intriguing since i’m making a poster for the book and also because of how he explained his use of different oil based inks and mixture of materials to get the eroded effect.

mccarthy 1 mccarthy 2

mccarthy 3 mccarthy 4

David Pearson McCarthy Series

I then looked at the Kafka, James Joyce and Beauvoir book cover series by Peter Mendulsund but they don’t really appeal to the kind of work I wanted to create.


JOyce beauvoir

I also found some covers by John Gray who made a small series for Psycho and Marnie but I found his cover design for 1984 very interesting as this was another poster I was going to make. The 1984 cover uses hand made letter forms along side serifed type in a very interesting way and is well integrated with image aswell.

Marnie Psycho

Cover series, John Gray

John Gray 1984 Cover

Series from shows these covers of Simon Ings books. These very interesting illustrated covers that seem like they share the rubber stamp method like Pearson but i’m not sure.

1 2 34 5

I also took a look t the Orwell series made by Stephen Fairey for some inspiration to my poster. I really liked the type on the 1984 cover and the use of red.

orwell covers


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