FMP: More initial thoughts

I was still very unsure at this point and getting worried about what to create for my FMP I made abnother “very useful” list of what I felt I was most experienced in from my time at uni. I thought about publications, typography, poster design, screen printing, riso printing, animation, book cover design, literature and narrative.

But how was I supposed to creat an FMP project from any of this? and so far all I had came up with was to create posters, re-branding, quotes from novels and publications. This didn’t feel much like the makings of a super amazing FMP project. I started looking at Pentagram and their branding projects the main one I looked at being the identity for the London Design Festival.

I noted they had kept a recurring theme of red and white each time they worked on it and that they seemed to work with a different aspect of London each year such as getting lost in the city, and urban beuty.

This got me thinking of some more ideas like maybe I could design the identity for London Design Fest 2019? or possibly use posters publication and bags etc to created a brand or campaign of my own making? or of an existing event or place in London?


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