Studio Futures Past: Project 1 Activism, Commemorative Plaque

For this brief we had to each also create a commemorative plaque either etched or laser cut on ply wood or acrylic plastic. For my plaque I decided to continue with the image of earths destruction as this idea continued to develop and become more interesting as I thought about it.

I kept with the same image and thought it would be much more interesting to construct my plaque as if it were a model rather than to simply laser cut an A5 piece of plywood I decided the image would be cut using the laser printer and the pieces of debris would be cut seperately. I then wanted to use clear plastic and strong glue to construct the finished plaque at home to make the debris appear to float around the planet.

Aswell as this I also attached two pieces of wood to the back of the plaque in order for it to stand up by itself I think this adds a much better quality to it and sets it apart from a standard A5 plaque.

Here is an image of the final etching from the laser printer at the 4DModel shop with out the standing pieces.



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