Studio Futures Past: Project 1 Activism, Banner ideas and development

Through out this project I had given different thought to my banner design but had struggled when thinking of ideas for my banner, but after completing my pamphlet design I decided it would be a good idea to use the final illustration from the comic of the planet earth being destroyed as I think this image acts as a great symbol of the protest behind the pamphlet.

I first started by taking the image and then thought about how I could incorporate some form of satire into it and I remembered a popular viral video that incorporates Trumps over use of the word billions.


I decided that this could also be incorporated into my banner as this also would represent the amount of lives that would be lost in the event of earths total destruction and when talking with peers in the university we discussed using the words as a frame around the image. I tested this out and came out with this banner design that I think shares the message correctly and also has a similar feel to the work seen by Peter Kennard in terms of colour and composition using bold red text on a black background with an isolated image.


I think this banner would work very nicely as part of a protest it has a clear message and I also reflected the text so that it would be readable no matter what way the banner is held.


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