Design Competition: Project 1 Summer Show Sponsorship Pitch, Another Idea/ Theme

After deciding against the idea to use dots as the basis for the visual aesthetic of the show I decided to think more about the theme of Language in design that the brief is based around. After our workshops with regular Practice and using the drawings of the Wellcome collection content I wanted to see how the show could work using things that we use to communicate these being hands, mouths and eyes.



I started out by drawing some rough ideas of how these icons could be used and work as leaflets or promotional material for the show. I thought some of these ideas would appeal to people more than just dots and also could work well as animations aswell as printed work.

At this point I wanted to try and develop the idea more and to refine the drawings so i created some new cartoon drawing to vectorise and colour with adobe illustrator.



Although I think the idea was nice I decided to stop the development of these drawings and try to take the same idea in a different direction simply as I didn’t think they were of a high enough standard so I wanted to explore a different style utilizing the same idea.


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