Design Competition: Project 1 Summer Show Sponsorship Pitch, Group Discussion

During one of our initial sit down discussion we talked about the different aspects of putting together the show that we would need to address when making our pitch presentation.We talked a lot about our possible target audience and how we could reach them. We decided our best target audience that we should aim to contact would be college and sixth form design students as they may already be looking at London metropolitan as their next step.

To reach this audience we thought about how we could bring our message to their respective institutions using leaflets, posters and social media. We also thought about putting on workshops in the university and inviting the students in question to come and create work with us using the different print studios available.

After discussing this I made a rough table of tasks that would need to be completed in order to out together an interesting summer show and also what materials we would need to source in order to set up the exhibition.



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