Workshops: Visual research

We have had another workshop in groups where we have went out in search of images of the area around us from building and spaces, sounds and conversations to illustrations and found objects. After completing this we went to the Bishopsgate Archive to look at some historical documents ranging from books to illustrated pamphlets. The final part of the workshop was to but together a small exhibition of what we had found and what we could find to direct us in the work.

I started out by taking pictures of buildings and signage that I found interesting starting with very narrow streets and tall narrow buildings as this is the part of London I like and think presents the city differently, more cozy less grim.

narrow alley 2.jpg

Aftee collecting these images it was time to go to the bishopgate archive where I looked two small printed works one called The Back Passages of Spitalfields. featuring these illustrations I think are very nice.


I also looked at other illustrations from the this small book called Outcast London or Life in the East End. these illustrations depict  more of the day to day activity of London.

After this we collated our exhibition in the studio I printed some of the images I had recorded and we created illustrations from them aswell.

This is was a great wayto gather visual information and look at the city from different angles. Its good to learn aswell about looking over my own research to determine the specifics of what I like about it and where to take it further and this could help my work in all areas.


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