Creative Industry Practice: Kickstarter Project, Kickstarter Research

Before we made our video I wanted to take a look at some kickstarter users to see if anyone had a similar idea to ours. Not only did I find a similar idea I found someone who had developed a complete version of our idea only with cats instead of dogs.


The page Spoonful of Cats was started by Heather Bloss and features a two and a half minute video.


Numerous different collar designs. Cloes designs seem to be based alot around anime sort of culture appealling to a much younger audience this is were our brands start to differ I think.

Cloe’s tier system is also quite vast ranging from donations and rewards of $5 – $1000 this also sows the very wide range of different products Cloe is offering from different types of collars and leashes to t-shirt and bags the designs on them can also be customised to look like the donators own pet.



custom biz.png

Think looking at Clo’es page has been quite helpful but it seems like Cloe has done alot more than we have time for with our kickstarter but I liker here idea of using food to make designs with and this could be a good way to make our designs more interesting but still simplistic and easy to reproduce/mass produce.


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