Impression Studio: Project 4, Riso Show Animation Signage Initial Ideas

When I was asked to create signage for the animation department instead of the inventivity studio I was abit releaved as I felt like I got a bit more freedom with how I could produce a design that actually corresponded well with the subject.

I started off by creating a title for the signage but I felt the design didn’t relate as much to the subject as i’d like so I decided to look up the definition of animation on google.

Animation sign dev1

animation def

After looking up the definition the words illusion of movement really stuck out to me and I wanted to try and get that across in the sign so I put together some other ideas on photoshop.

Animation sign dev2

Animation sign dev3Animation sign dev4

I think these were some okay ideas but I don’t think it could work well as a sign I think its cluttered in the wrong way and hard to read.



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