Impression Studio: Anthology Project Further development

After I had gathered enough research and had looked into different places to take the project I decided it was time to create a finished design so I began by creating a rough sketch of the design I thought would work well with a quote from the reading I ended up choosing “I am here in the middle of the swirling twirl” after sketching it out I re-created it in photoshop and illustrator to give it a very smooth and fluid appearance.


I started by using a section from a spiral to re-make one with 45 sections so that it could fit the entire quote. I then cut away sections and added in sections that would be the negative space of the letters.

After I had finished the spiral design I looked into different ways thee image could be over lapped in the anaglyph style.

I then printed off the spiral in A1 size and used it to create screen printed posters.


Aswell as posters I also received access to the universities Risograph Printer and decided to create a booklet to publish Acid Romance. I put the text into indesign to position it correctly and also added in my positives from the screen printing workshop for the title.

The indesign document was then printed onto an a3 sheet and used as a template for the risoprinter.

booklet cover bw



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