CIP: Collection Project Book Cover (workshop further development)

When creating my cover I already had it in mind to continue with the the colour theme of white, grey and black so while keeping this in mind I looked at some different book covers in the library that I liked.

Originally my idea for the cover of the collection book was to have a simple photograph in black and white of the stairs in the university building but after the Cover and Collage workshop I decided to continue on with the bubble pattern kind of idea to try and make a more  interesting cover for my collection book. Here was my original Idea for the cover.

screen shot 11
Original Cover design
initial drawing
Patterns from Cover and Collage Workshop

To do this I thought it would be a much better idea to add black ink to water with dish shop rather than drawing the bubbles. I then blew air into the mixture with a straw till it bubbled out of the container and then placed paper onto the the bubbles to burst them and leave a mark on the page. I was quite happy with the result and decided it would be good to use as a cover.


cover finished.jpg

I really liked this new cover but I was unsure about the large amounts of white space and I thought this would make the cover seem unconsidered so I started playing around with it on photoshop to see how I could make it look and I ended up basically inverting the colours so the background is black with the blotches made lighter and the text.

cover finished new.jpg



I think this new book design looks much better and will definitely get people interested in what is inside.



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