CIP: Collection Project, Research on Creatives using the digital page to their advantage 2

The brief also said we should look into how creative practitioners also use the printed page to their advantage and I found a few different examples of various ways people in the industry of design or illustration have used this to help their work.

The G.F.Smith paper sample book is a great example of a book being of great use in the creative industry and with it designers and illustrators are able to get a better impression of a papers quality and feel and the book even acts as a glossary for the colours making them easier to find if wanted.


G.F.Smith have another book called Fine a photography collection book that shows how photographs look when printed on G.F.Smiths paper.



I also found this Kate Moross book that I think is another great example of her self branding and promotion.


This printed booklet by Allistair Hall was made in promotion of a new typeface by Jeremy Tankard called De Worde made in celebration of The Wynkyn de Worde Society.


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