Impression Studio: Anthology Project, Researching and Testing Distorted Typography 2

I also looked into the artist and typographer Gemma Obrien who makes alot of large scale typographic pieces with swirling patterns around and within the letter forms in a way that appears to form them.

Work by Gemma Obrien

I really like her work and wanted to try and create some pattern like hers but couldn’t really see how they could be used in my work.

At this point in the project each studio member was able to have an individual crit with our tutors who recommended looking at art from the psychedelic movement of the 60/70’s era. I looked into a few different artists including Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso and Wes Wilson who’s work also ended up being very influential on my final design.

Work by Rick Griffin

Work by Victor Moscoso

Work by Wes Wilson


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