Impression Studio: Anthology Project, Researching and Testing Distorted Typography 1

At this point of my research I started looking at makers of distorted typography I found the work in the zine Chicago by Sofia Clausse very interesting.

Work by Sofia Clausse

After looking at her work Sofia had come to give a hothouse talk at the university so I asked her about how she achieved this effect here and she told me it was by moving a page of text around as it was scanned by a photocopier so i decided I would give this a try.

Unfortunately my experiments with the photocopier were unsuccessful as you can see the effect I achieved in the copier was not much like Sofias and didn’t have as strong distortion so I decided to begin looking at other methods.

I looked abit into large scale typographic pieces and found 2 interesting images. The first is a large exhibition installation that I thought was a create example of how distorted type can be displayed in an interesting way and the second is of a poster I assume is A1 size that looked as if it was made with brush and ink.

After looking at these I made some sketches to see how my response could span over multiple pages with the idea is could be a very impressive exhibition piece but I decided against it due to the printed outcomes being required to come in editions of 5 I didn’t think something like that would be possible in the form of editions.

14 spanning pages.jpg


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