Impression Studio: Anthology Project Initial Ideas and Reseach

To start the Anthology project I began by reading through my assigned reading Acid Romance by Jack Houston a creative writing piece that will be part of the anthology. As I read through Acid Romance a story of an anonymous group hosting underground rave parties and drug culture. I began by picking out parts that I thought would have a good corresponding image.

Firstly I worked from the title Acid Romance and I made some rough drawings of common pictograms that means corrosive substance and how this image could be reformed to include an element showing romance.

1 pictograms.jpg

I also found some more phrases I thought could work such as Indistinguishable, Black Hoods, Dark Ringed Eyes, War Paint and New Age Army.

2 black hoods

I had plenty of ideas for different kinds of images that could be used but I needed to think more about what could be made as a printed edition rather than just an image.

3 other ideas






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