Creative Industry Practice: Collection Project, Thoughts of the week Central Illustration Agency (The Art of the Cover part2)

For one of the latest weekly thoughts we have been asked to think about different forms of illustration both traditional and graphic and to help us think about how we could make our covers more appealing and possibly more personal to ourselves.

When thinking about forms of illustration in graphics I would think of things like screen printing, lino printing and etching these methods seem to employ illustrative methods but the results tend to have a graphic aesthetic. In more traditional terms of illustration I would think mostly drawing and collage or painting but graphic and traditional illustration can fit into many places take typography as an example and the hand written quality of calligraphy vs the structure and well thought out form of a typeface.

This assignment has also required us to research into Central Illustration Agency, (CIA) London. I had a look at some of the illustrators they work with to see what different methods of illustration I could find.

I found the work by 2&3 quite interesting.  A team that combines elements of both 2D work and 3D work to create elegant art pieces used with many platforms from advertising to animation.

SUX, 2&3

I also thought these bottle labels by Brian Grimwood were very nice it looks like a brush with ink was used to create the images that are very simplistic but are able to depict the desired image very well with the feel of a dialogue behind the characters.

Bottle labels, Brian Grimwood

Here is a bike drawn by Ulla Puggard that I like alot as this looks like something you’d find on a comic book.

Bike, Ulla Puggard

The last artist I wanted to show was Jackie Parsons a collage artist who’s work reminds me alot of Ener Konings work.

Portrait/Collage, Jackie Parsons
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.52.30 PM.png
Eternal Ignorance, Ener Konings

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