Creative Industry Practice: Collection Project, Cover and Collage workshop

In another one of our CIP workshops we started looking into different ways to create an illustrated book cover we started off by creating some patterns on a3 paper.

At first I was unsure of what I wanted to do so I decided i’d make up some patterns quickly and play around with them later to see what happens I started by simply scribbling on the pages with different pens and then decided to create a spiral pattern a zig zag pattern and a very strange liquid pattern.


We then started to photocopy our patterns the idea being that we would cut them up to create possible book covers from them. I wanted to try and do the same type of experiments I had previously done for the impression studio work so when photocopying the patterns I moved the page with the scanner to see how it could distort them.


Alot of the attempts didn’t work and only a few seemed like they could be used to create a cover from so I started to simply sketch out areas I thought would hold body text or a title well.



My original Idea for my cover was to use a photographic cover but I think after doing with work shop i’d like to create a patterned cover similar to these types of distorted patterns.


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