Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche 1560 Further development and Final outcome

At this point in the development the digitally rendered pieces from my stop motion photographs were ready to use and I could begin animating on Adobe After Effects.

I think the decision to move from stop motion the digital animation was a great idea it meant I could work from the comfort of a computer screen without having to do things like standing up or walking around.

So I started off my basically dropping in each piece of the character (Malika) as a pdf and then simply used them good ol’ key frames to get the bits moving in the right direction.

Some things in the video however needed to defer from the storyboards this was due to just looking over the video with each new developpment and deciding for example to have the final transition (Malikas logo and “If you have a voice” quote) fade in instead of appear from an expanding circle as I thought this was more in keeping with the illustrators style and the general elegance of her pieces.

All in all I think the animation turned out well and I even found some nice (Free) music to use for it that I think compliments the aesthetic quite nicely.

You can watch the video here as this upload also includes a label giving a very general description of the idea behind the video.

If you like the music you can find it here where all of the music is free for anyone to use for projects like this one:


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