Creative Industry Practice: Collection Project, Paper folding workshop

In one of our latest work shops for the CIP collection project we looked at some different paper folding techniques to try and give us some good ideas for the pages in our own books.

In the work shop we were given a task sheet showing different paper folding methods, we were asked to experiment with these different methods. I ended up with three types of paper folds a single cut fold (like a zine) a concertina fold and a 3d paper fold.


The single cut fold type is a pretty simple one to do but I dont think something like this could work with the way I would like my book to turn out.

The concertina book also came out ok but I think this type of fold is better suited for an artists or photographers book (one that is based mainly on images) but for a book with large amounts of text I think a standard perfect bind would be preferable to the reader than one like this


I found the 3D folded paper quite interesting i’m not really sure how but this could be something worth thinking about when putting my collection book together.


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