Creative Industry Practice: Book cover and binding work shop

Today we had another work shop in CIP class where we looked at some different and easy ways that books could be bound at home with paper, card and glue. We also looked at how to properly attache a cover to the front and back pages.

In this workshop I made two book binds. The materials I used were card, paper, news paper and glue. I think these are some good examples of ways something like a sketch pad could be taken apart and turned into a book.

The first bbook I made was a rectangle perfect bound booklet. I think the booklet turned out quite well but I didn’t take much care when gluing in the paper so that kind of ruins it.

Te second book was another concertina book I think this one turned out better as its much simpler for the paper to be added.

I think this workshop was quite good today I would have liked to have made some better quality books but I didn’t have the proper materials.


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