Studio Impression: Project 3 Anthology, Letter Press WorkShop

The latest workshop for the impression studio has been in the use of letter press and digitising letterpress to start off we put together some simple layouts of the alphabet in a font of our choice to get back into the letterpress groove.

Although this part of the workshop was based mostly around layout and playing around with different compositions of text I could help but take the time to play around with some colours aswell and I think the font i used was a good choice to make the letters fit into almost a block shape.

letter press 1.jpg

In the next part of the session we were asked to pick out a quote or word from our assigned reading I chose to use my favourite quote from Jack Houston’s An Acid Roman from the first page “Here we can turn the derelict and unwanted into paradise” and from the start i had an idea to try and exagerate the words derelict and paradise as they have alot of impact in the quote.

So I decided i’d use large woodblock letters for those 2 words and smaller metal type for the other words with the idea tht the metal type would come out crisp and clean and the wood block type to have a worn and torn look to it.

letter press 2.jpg

Here was my first print I think it came out relatively well for a first attempt but as you can see from the annotations some things needed adjusting before i could continue.

letter press 6.jpg

In this one you can see that the spacing between the lines is now more even and i also elevated the R in derelict so that it would print cleaer. I also added in some lines of black to the reed text when painting it with ink to try and see if the lines would come out or be smudged and blended fully with the red. This result was good for as it shows that the colours can be overlayed quite precisely with letter press.

letter press 4.jpg

I then tried mixing some of the blue and opaque white ink together to see if I could create a blue similar to that of an anaglyph image the result was pretty good and printed just as well as the other colours.


After doing these different tests i was ready to try the red and blue together to try and create more anaglyph text in the same way I did in screen printing. The result came out good for this one as well the colours overlap and blend well but my placement of this print could have been better.


So after testing the anaglyph idea with both screen printing and letter press to find they both work I guess i can take my pick of which I would like to use for my exhibition piece.


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