Impression Studio: Project 3 Anthology Screen Printing Workshop

Recently we completed our screen printing workshop that was split into to sessions

In the first session we had a refresher induction to the new screen printing studio at the university.

Damian demonstrated to us the procedures of screen printing by taking us through how to clean light sensitive emulsion (LSE) from a screen and how to then re apply LSE to the screen accurately. He also walked us through how to apply an image to the screen by exposing the screen to light. After this he demonstrated how the ink is applied to the image. He also showed us some examples of different images that can be made with screen printing.

In the second half of the workshop the following week we were able to bring in our own positives and create screen prints of our own.

Since beginning the term I thought that I would be able to direct my work on this assignment towards a typographic final outcome. So I did some fairly simple manipulations of Arial Black on Photoshop and used that as my positive so that I could test some different ideas.

Here is my positive image for screen printing.

When we arrived at the studio we all had a look at each others positive images that we would be using.

We were then divided into groups of two with two people to an a2 screen.

The first idea I wanted to test was to have red and blue duplicates of the type over lapping g to resemble an anaglyph image. I think this one came out very well the colours blended in the way I thought they would when over lapped and it also made the already distorted type much harder to read as is the intention of An Acid Romance.

After that I wanted to mess around with different colours and make the most of the screen printing studio.

This one is printed on green card paper with blue and black ink.

This one didn’t come out very well but I think the allignment is ok.

With this one I wanted to see how it would appear if white was printed over red on white paper and I think that the white letters are much harder to read and would be much more difficult if they said something else so this could be something the think about when making a final choice on the individual response.

I then tried the same method but with metallic black (silver and black mixed together) over white printed onto black card. This also had an interesting outcome as the silver made the black shimmer slightly more at the right angle this reminds me of the opening paragraph of the assigned reading when the word “indistinguishable” is used to introduce the anonymous characters of the story.

Here is one that came out very well with white over red on blue card I think the colours go together well and the allignment is also good so it is good to aesthetically but in terms of generating ideas for the work I don’t see anything more happening with this one.

This was the last screen print that I made of white ink on black paper what I like most about this one is that after going over the screen with the squeegy multiple times is left a trace that make the letters appear 3D in a very subtle way.

Here is a close up of the letters.

The screen printing workshops have been very successful and now that I have seen how colours can overlap and blend so nicely maybe it could be good to test with more colours and words to see how hard I can make something to read.


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