Creative Industry Practice: Collection Project, Thoughts of the week Kate Moross

For the second thoughts of the week we were asked to think about and write in our sketch books about how we work and if we think that we have any specific preferences when we work such as what typefaces we use or if our work has a general aesthetic and style through out. 

I don’t think that my work is anchored to any specific style, pattern or typeface but this question did remind me of the self branding session at the beginning of CIP so when comparing my “brand identity” to that of Kate Moross showed how my own aesthetic is contrasting to hers and that although my work may be versatile it can still fit with into a “brand identity” if I want it to, even if it is as simple as the colours black, grey and white.

Looking into Kate Moross also showed alot of how brand identity can be applied to many formats like publications or clothing and style. Utilizing the work from self branding in CIP I think it would be a good idea to base the aesthetic of my collection book on that.




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