Creative Industry Practice: Collection Project, Fig Taylor Visit

Recently our CIP class was visited by Fig Taylor who is well known for consulting with illustrators and designers on how then curate their portfolios. She had a lot of handy advice for us and I think some of what she said could also translate into our Collection project when thinking about how we’ll be representing our work.

Her talk started off with advice aimed mainly towards illustrators but alot of her advice can be carried over multiple practices. Some of the key points that I took away from the Fig Taylor talk was when creating a design portfolio it is important to show versatility in terms of style/aesthetic and also in terms of what is you make for example book covers and posters would be preferable when showing a portfolio for print based employment.

She also talked a lot about different platforms that we could utilize to promote ourselves and network with in the industry. She started by mentioning the well known sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram and then mentioned portfolio sites like behance and square space and that they are a great resource when contacting people and asking them to look at your work. Fig also told us about how we could earn extra money through sites like redbubble, society six and Etsy while simultaneously promoting ourselves not just as designer but entrepreneurs aswell.

Towards the end of the talk Fig gave us some god pointers about what we should look for in a portfolio and how to make sure the work is well looked after for example using an actual portfolio case will immediately show that the work is precious and also presentable with out having to even look at it and that going over A3 size should be avoided as its very unlikely anything bigger than that will be easy to present from or to take from place to place.


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