Impression Studio: Project 3 Anthology Brief and Book Design Case Study Workshop

Now that we have started the new term we have been given our third assignment from the impression studio. In this brief each member of the studio has been assigned a piece of writing from the English Literature department of the university. Some of the written pieces are from different forms of literature such as academic writing about a historical period or a creative writing about the authors own experiences. Our individual task for this brief is to each create a visual response to our assigned writing it can be a (video or a poster or anything you choose 100% flexible) we also have been assigned into groups of four for the anthology group assignment to create a layout for the entire anthology and to choose things such as format, paper stock and printing.

To start off the brief we had a workshop in Book Design. Together we all looked through different books and analysed them we each then talked about what we thought was good and bad about them.Whilst looking through them we were asked to think about how aspects of these books could help us the design of the anthology.

One of the books I looked at was Working With … by Zak Kyes I liked mostly its small pocket friendly size and the texture of the cover but I didn’t like the images I think some of them didn’t suit being spread over two pages and that they needed to be printed on something with a larger format to do them justice.

I also looked at a book called Strange Plants by Zio Baritaux. The book cover is nice and the idea of putting stickers in the book for the reader to add to the cover was a nice idea. The only things I would say are bad about it is that the cover is full debossed which although to a designer or artist might be appealing from afar it would look only blank. The layout inside the book is interesting in each new section the point size and layout of the type drastically changes I think this could be a way of initiating the next section of the book but I found it about confusing.

After the Workshop Allison Hurst came from G.F. Smith to show us some paper samples and publications their paper had been used for. She talked to us abit on how different papers are suited to different types of work for example a photography magazine may use uncoated paper for its rough quality whilst a fashion magazine may go for a glossed paper so that its smooth.





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