Impression Studio: Project 2 Mini-Monograph Development

After I had gathered all the research I could find I started to plan out how my booklet was going to look I started off by creating some rough sketches of how I thought the cover could look.

From the star I had decided to use a section of my favourite Karel Martens quote “I’ve always loved the mysteries of colour, that yellow plus blue makes green still excites me” I think this quote perfectly describes how Martens works it’s all about experimenting and playing around with what he finds interesting. So I decided i’d title the exhibition/ booklet: I’ve Always Loved the Mysteries of Colour.


I then looked at the requirments for the booklet on the brief and then did som rough drawing to get a vague idea of how I could layout out the images and whether or not the layout could be consistent through out.


I continued to do some work on the cover and thought about the length of the words and how they would look on the page. I wasn’t pleased much with how it looked in portrait but in landscape I think the words sat much nicer on the page and filled up more of the blank spaces with out being to cluttered. I also noted at this point that the title contains 7 words and this lead the decision to order the colours of the words in the order of how the colours would mix together.


I then took this idea and digitally re-created it for a sharper more precise version of the rough sketch.


This also got me thinking about using the cover as a frame for the layout this however didn’t work out in the end alot of Martens work swaps between landscape and portrait. Next I started grabbing some paper to make blank mock ups to try and find the simplest way of putting the booklet together. At first I planned for it to be A5 size but when I looked at the blank mock ups I decided to go with A6 as this seemed more like an audience friendly size. (No one wants a massive booklet when walking around an exhibition)

At this point I was ready to start assembling the booklets content on InDesign and to start printing. For the most part the process was quite simple the only part of any difficulty was figuring out how things needed to be printed since the booklet would be made from 2 pieces of A4 paper but after 1 or 2 mistakes I had it finished.

Here is the net of the booklet and a gif to show how it reads as you can see from the images some parts of the booklet had to be printed upside down so that when it was folded into place everything would be the correct way up so as you can imagine this certainly didn’t work on the first attempt.





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