Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Poster zine Final outcomes

Now that all of the components for the poster zine where ready it was now time to test out printing methods and paper stocks. My original idea was to print on a risograph printer thinking it would be a cheaper option for the project.

Unfortunately when the zine was printed it hadn’t come out as clearly as I would’ve like the printing was inconsistent and some of the 25 copies came out quite patchy and th images in the article were very unclear and dark so it was almost impossible to tell what the images were of.


As you can imagine due to this being printed on the day of the deadline I was quite disappointed so I decided to go out get some new paper and re-print the zine using the ink jet printers in the library. Here is the re-printed version.


I’m much happier with how the second zine turned out the images are much clearer and the poster is much sharper so the pixelated effect comes across alot better. I also like the paper stock much more aswell the previous was very thin at around 80 gsm where this new paper is around 120 gsm which I think makes the zine feel better and seem more well produced.

After all of the class had finished printing and folding our editions of 25 zines we then swapped with each other so that everyone would have at least one copy each of each others.




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