Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Poster Zine Poster Development

For my typographic poster my first response to this was to use what I had done during the typographic poster workshop i’d taken part in recently where I had looked at changing the way and R is put together by reversing the way each stem is angled and thn see how I could use this to create an image or pattern.

Here are two drawings where I was thinking abit about what kind of a shape the letters could have and thinking about what how these different shapes could fit together.

I thought about making some symmetrical patterns or shapes and experimented with this by using tracing paper to see how a mirror image of the letters look against each other.

I also then thought about how this could look in a pattern so I traced it a few more times and tried to build a symmetrical pattern from there.


At this point I was thinking about what else could be done with this idea and thought the letters side by side mirroring each other resembled the look of an insect. So I decided to base the poster on a wasps striped pattern this also led to the decision of having yellow coloured paper and black ink to resemble a wasps colours.

I started off by just doing a rough drawing of how I wanted it to appear and then used the original drawing in photoshop to create a warped pattern.

At this point I had received the same feed back as I did with the cover that the poster didn’t relate much to the article and they advised me to re think the idea to reflect the article better and to try and think about featuring a quote from the article.

I started of by drawing some more rough designs trying to take the frame of the phone screen from the cover and having it continue on in the poster and act as a frame for the manipulation of the type. I also decided on this segment of a quote from Christoph Nieman in the The NewYorker “If you create a world on paper, you always have the feeling of: What if you could step into that world or if something could come out of it!”


I carried on this idea and tried to line up two different typefaces but it didn’t go very well the change in the type needed to be quite obvious and having two fonts that are that obviously different meant they didn’t match up very well even when resized. As you can see in the images below the tracking was inconsistent and it was also quite flat and failed to captivate. I chose Avenir as the un-manipulated part as this was the same as the title in the article, the manipulated section uses the Prisma typeface found at


since this idea didn’t go very well I drew up some more rough ideas trying to take into account the quote in the poster and thinking about using the appearance of steps could also add depth to the image to make it more appealing.


after this I receacted the idea digitally using photoshop I ended up deciding to render the highlighted part of the type to be pixelated thinking this could also relate back to the phone screen.


I think the final poster looks much better I think its got some nice contrasting aspects and links to the article well.


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