Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Poster Zine Initial Ideas and Cover Development

When thinking about the content of my poster zine and how it would look I decided to start off with online research in the library for typographic posters I found some of these quite helpful and they ended up having some influence on the final outcome.

I liked these posters most out of what I had seen cause of the use of perspective I also liked the Berlin poster alot I think that the bold typeface was nice with the black and white image.

After doing this I looked in the library for magazine covers and also had a look at how the articles where layed out this also proved to be useful in the end and influenced the final outcome. The first 2 images in these 3 are from issue 557 of Arbitare architectural magazine (unfortunately I didn’t record what the last was from) but I like how the image are positioned on these pages allowing the images to extend past the margin the exaggerate the images features I especially like how in the first image the bend of the page is even used to compliment the building in the photograph.

I also found this magazine cover and when comparing it to the Berlin poster I was pretty convinced I wanted a photo graphic cover with large and bold text like these and hen using some of my ideas from the studio identity work I made a rough sketch of how the cover could look.


For the photograph I thought it would be good to photograph a place that housed some sort of innovation in print. I went to the St Bride foundation hoping to take photographs of the printing equipment there but unfortunately I was told I couldn’t. So my next idea was to take pictures of some of the printing equipment in the university. When taking these photos I wanted to try and create some sort of interesting pattern or structure to use but I only thought the 4th image could work for something like this.

Here is a rough idea of what I was thinking to do with the cover but I decided it wasn’t a good idea after having an assessment with tutors as they advised me to try and keep the content of the cover (and poster) in line with the theme of the article.

zine cover bw

So I decided to go and draw up some new ideas for the cover trying to keep in mind the tutors advice I started off with mind maps then I chose what ideas I thought could work best and tried to develop them further.


So as you can see by these images I have tried to emulate the effect off AR by manipulating the title as it passes through the screen I ended up choosing the largest drawing in the end to use for my final cover as I think it stood out the most amongst the other ideas not just due to size but also how drastic the change is compared to the others.



After deciding on this drawing I then photographed my hands holding a phone and traced it on a light box. I then took these two elements into illustrator and created a more refined digital version that sends a good message to the viewer about the content in the article.


I am quite happy with the way the cover turned out I think it was a much better idea than using a photograph and since I was planning to use a risograph I thought this could come out alot easier.






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