Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Poster zine Article Layout

When I was first thinking about the layout for my article I was mainly taking into consideration the amount of space the images would take up and was mainly thinking back to the research I did on Arbitare and tried to incorporate the same methods.

I created a rough idea on paper for a how the article would look and then tried to replicate it as best I could using Adobe InDesign.



It was pretty easy to pick out the problems with this initial layout the lines were too long, the title doesn’t stand out and the quotes also dont stand out very much. I played around on InDesign some more to try and create a layout that fixed these problems by changing the typeface of the title to Avenir and increasing its size I also thought it could be good to reverse the alignment of the paragraph for the quotes and then make the text bold, finally I separated the article into columns.


At this point I had finished the layout and the cover so I decided to print off a prototype and see how it worked when it was folded into the zine. The first problem I found was that the image from the article was printing onto the cover aswell so I slimpy measured how much of it was carrying over and removed that part of the image.



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