Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche 1560 Refined Storyboards

After testing the stop motion method of animation and deciding against it I was swayed into digitally animating it instead after watching Hide and Seek Malika Favre at

I made some new storyboards that I think helped alot in the lead up to a more graceful and precise animation video.

Here are the story boards I created.

The video will begin with a figure to resemble Malika being assembled by pieces from above the screen and left o the screen with the first quote then appears from behind the figure. Then all the pieces will go off screen appearing to be blown away.


After that the second quote will fade onto center screen and the red lips from the Malika portrait will blow past the quote will then be pushed off screen by black lines.


The black bars will also contain the next quote but will not arrange it correctly at first to keep viewers guessing about what it will say.


The lines will then continue off screen and malikas I thought to add in the last quote but thought of a better idea soon after. . .


decided it would be a good chance to utilise the Malikas logo and have it fade in with the final quote framing it.


Also been thinking to find some music for the video aswell and see if I can get something similar to the Hide and Seek video with the timing/ tempo.


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