Creative Industry Practice, Pastiche 1560: Initial development

For my Pastiche video I thought the best option for how to make it would be as a stop motion piece the idea for this is to then use the still images to re-create the frames for the beginning section of the video digitally to try and emulate Malika Favres style more.

To make my stop motion piece I started off by setting up a board to use as a staging area and then used coloured paper and card to make the shapes for the character (Malika) on screen.


This method although time consuming went quite well as I wasn’t trying to be very accurate since the images were only needed to help plot out how the digital images will be positioned and oriented. Here are a few of the images I captured.

After taking these pictures i took the individual frames into photoshop to re-create the images. I think this was a good idea and I think its also helped the work to resemble Malikas work aslot more this is also opens the video up to more possibilities that would be much more difficult to achieve with paper. Here is a screen shot to show how the character looks when re-created this should also give you a good idea of how the entire video will look.


So far I think the video is going well but there is alot more content to be made and included but I am optimistic that the final piece will come out well.



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