Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche 1560 watching Hide and Seek – Malika Favre, Pastiche Video

This pastiche video I found on Youtube by channel #matrixerrorhas some interesting transitions and also uses alot of the same elements from Malikas work that I had thought about you using aswell.

Here are 3 screen shots showing the transition of a female figure who appears to open and close the blank screen like a door.


In the next transition white lines come across the screen as the camera angle shifts and some colour is added to imply a character making the lines then appear to be stairs.


The camera angle continues to shift until the lines are horizontal another female figure then appears o the screen made from negative space around them and opening the lines as if they were window blinds.


Think this is a very nicely made video. I don’t know if I could make one much like it however it seems who ever made it has more experience in animation that me but I do like the pace of the video and the timing with the music aswell. You can watch the full video here¬†



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