Creative Industry Practice, Pastiche 1560: Practitioner analysis

For my Pastiche video project I have decided to focus mine on the illustrator Malika Favre a french illustrator currently working in London in this blog post I will be looking at her work and picking out elements that could be influential to my video.

Alot of Malikas work concentrates on the female form usually incorporating sillhouettes and bold shapes to create and elegant female figure. In terms of how this could be useful in the video I think that it could be easier to replicate this style if I were to use cut out paper to film it in stop motion. I have also seen that Malika uses alot of bold lines to create images from negative space and I think that using lines like these will make for some good transitions in the video


Some of the work by Malika that I have enjoyed most have been her numerous covers for the Newyorker in this image especially the use of shadows really bring depth into the flat image I also think that the almost Audry Hepburn like figure is complimented very well by typeface for the title.


I have also noticed a recurring colour scheme in malikas work that i would like to try and incorporate into mt video the navy blue, red and white should also make it much easier to edit the video digitally later.



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